All e-commerce systems, from Magento to Shopify, offer the ability to make promotions. And with these tools to hand, on the surface at least, all seems well and good - creating a promotion is relatively painless, albeit slow and lacking in context. However, two problems remain: what to promote and how to show these promotions on the front end of the site.

Promote the Right Stock at the Right Time

The question of what to promote is of greatest importance. Even with a small number of SKUs in a catalog, some items will move more slowly than others; some may even stop selling entirely for periods of the year. It’s these poor performers (‘Opportunities’ in Inventosaur-speak) that hold the key to turning your cashflow around. When stock gets stuck, so does your cash, and being able to quickly identify and promote problem items can be, quite literally, a business-saver.

You know that story about a tree falling in the woods, and whether it makes a sound if no one is around to hear it? Well, e-commerce promotions are a bit like that. Re-imagined as an e-commerce brain teaser, it could go like this: if you discount a product and no-one sees it, does it really exist?


Beautiful & Unobtrusive Promotions

With four professionally-designed pop-up themes available, Inventosaur presents Opportunity-derived Promotions in an attractive, clear and compelling format on the front end of your site. Device-responsive, offers are intelligently presented on the relevant product, cart or category pages. Non-invasive, Inventosaur popups are in reality clever slide-ins that neither require nor block interaction with your site.

The best part? Turning an Opportunity into a Promotion takes about 3 seconds (almost the time it takes to imagine a very loud tree falling in the woods).

Simple or Combination Data-Mined Offers

Inventosaur works with two types of promotion: simple and combination, and these are available for both product and category alike. You’ll find them in Inventosaur’s Promotions area.

Inventosaur will by default attempt to build combination offers (as they are a bit more tantalising), pairing a slow mover and a proven good seller often viewed or bought at the same time. If a pairing proves impossible, Inventosaur will present a simple discount in the Opportunities pane for you to action.