Our story

An opportunity, an idea & lots of tea

Running an e-commerce store when your market sector becomes over-saturated can be a challenge. Even if you take care to invest in great products, content and design in the good times, when the market peaks, inventory that used to fly out of the door starts to hang around, and the hidden cost of holding on to long-term slow movers starts to bite.

Inventosaur was born out of our experience running an e-commerce business in a sector that got a bit too crowded. With sales growth stalling, it became clear that we needed better tools to both identify and promote slow-moving items to our customers. Pens, paper, and plenty of tea later, we had worked out our ideal system, one that could deep dive into a store's data, identify slow-moving lines, bundle connected products, and auto-magically build promotions at the touch of a button.

In early 2018, Inventosaur came to life, and a practical solution to slow-moving inventory for online retailers was born.