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  • Finds your store’s slow movers
  • Presents them in an attractive, easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Promotes them with simple or data-mined combination offers
  • Displays professionally-designed, responsive front end slide-in pop ups
  • Comprehensive global, product and category insights - see what sold this time last year, next week last year, and more
  • Supports Magento 1CE - 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.x

The ability of your e-commerce system to identify and promote your store's slow-selling lines is pretty much nonexistent. But regularly turning inventory is essential for the health of any stock-based business.

The Inventosaur Way

Inventosaur is a remarkable little e-commerce app that searches out the slow-moving products and categories that are restricting your cash flow, providing an immersive user interface to instantly promote them to your customers through intelligent offers and data-mined cross-sells. Think of it as a tool and a strategy, one that can help to lead your business towards greater profitability, healthy cash flow and long-term growth.

Like Clockwork

To understand the system better, let's pretend for a moment that you sell watches, and would like Inventosaur to monitor your product line to make sure stock keeps selling through. In the settings area, you could tell Inventosaur to mark any item that sells less than 40% of its stock in 30 days as an Opportunity (which is Inventosaur-speak for a slow-moving item).

If things go well, your watches will stay out of Inventosaur. But, if sales are choppy (and this is retail, there’s always chop), you’ll see a number of your items appearing as Opportunities in the Inventosaur app, housed within the admin area of your e-commerce store. Not only will Inventosaur tell you why they're there, with accurate percentage point sales analysis, but in three clicks, you could turn the Opportunity into a customer-facing promotion.

No Product Left Behind

While Inventosaur aces simple discount offers, it excels with data-mined combination offers. That watch that isn’t selling too well? Maybe it has been bought or viewed a few times in the past with a related item such as a watch cleaning kit. If it has, Inventosaur will find out and present a combination offer for your approval. Three clicks later, it’s live on your site as a customer-facing pop-up offer across the respective product, category and cart pages. 

Relevant, data-mined offers that promote precisely what you need to sell to keep cash flow turning and stock selling? That’s the power of Inventosaur.

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Ver 1.1 (Feb 2018)

  • Omitting analytics process when there's not enough data
  • Adding brand attribute selector in settings
  • Auto-archiving opportunities after 2 weeks of inactivity

Ver 1.0 (Dec 2017)

  • Opportunity efficiency insight chart
  • Reactivating archived opportunities
  • Fixing headlines in product/category pairs insights
  • Autocomplete search for ignored products

“An awesome app for Magento store owners to find and sell-through the right stock, right now.”

Chadd - Dutch Courage Creative

“A refreshingly different Magento app that has a measurable effect on cash flow.”

Randy - Codernia

“ An e-analyst that tells you what and why products aren't moving, and gives you the tools to promote them in a heartbeat - this could keep e-retailers ... in business.(Read More)

Ed - Where Beagles Dare