• Is Inventosaur right for me?
    If you are a small to medium e-commerce business and your days involve jumping between tasks without enough time to properly analyse sales, let alone turn problem products or categories into promotions, then yes, Inventosaur is for you.
  • How much time will Inventosaur save me?
    Compared to trawling through a soul-sucking spreadsheet and building promotions manually - weeks. But that's just the bare bones. Inventosaur is vastly more complex and beneficial to your business than anything you could even being to replicate with other tools; in fact, those tools don't even exist. 
  • When can I start using Inventosaur?
    As soon as you install our stock-assaulting dino, it will begin to analyse sales and a lot more besides. Your first actionable data may arrive sooner, but you’ll find Inventosaur ready to start work after 30 days. Before that time it has a lot of work to do analysing and learning about your business. However, once processing is complete, we think you’ll have found the wait worthwhile.
  • I’m a one-person business and don’t have time to analyse sales, should I try Inventosaur?
    We don’t wish to be abrupt, but yes, you really should at least try a demo. Inventosaur is an e-analyst, but unlike impotent financial folks (sorry, paper pushers) it will not only list problem products and categories but allow you to automagically launch promotions across your site in seconds to get stock selling. Inventosaur helps you to sell the right product at the right time. And, for any small business, that could mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Can I fire my analyst?
    If you have one, it probably means you are a larger company. But, if you’re tired of having a list of slow-selling products and categories thrust in your face each morning and told to do something about it, then it might be time to show your analyst the door. Inventosaur can handle anything an analyst can do, only quicker, more accurately and with better data (let alone, manners). And unlike Mr Spreadsheet, it will even give you the tools to create promotions from the data - simple and data-mined combination offers - with a three-click process. And analytics? It has them in spades. Visit the Insights area to see global, product and category trends, or dig deeper into the Data section to examine the sales history and key metrics for any item.
  • Who built Inventosaur?


  • How much does Inventosaur cost?
    A low monthly cost of $20 for a rolling subscription. That's about the cost of four coffees - almost the same amount of caffeine you might consume during just one session of mind-numbing spreadsheet inventory analysis. Thankfully, once you give the job over to Inventosaur, you won't ever have to do manual analysis again (you can still have the coffee though).
  • Is there a contract?
    Nope. If you want to stop benefiting from Inventosaur's money saving, time-slaying automation capabilities, you can cancel your subscription, and our hard-working dino will down tools and wander off to nibble on some foliage.
  • How do you take payment?
    When you order Inventosaur, we'll process your card details with our payment provider, Stripe, and set up a rolling subscription of $20 a month. Your details are encrypted, tokenised and hidden even from us, securing your purchase, and setting up a seamless monthly subscription. If you order our professional install service at the same time as your subscription, the install work will appear as a one-off charge on your bank statement.


  • Do you support all versions of Magento?
    Yes, within reason. We support all editions, like Community and Enterprise. For specific version support, please visit the product pages for your edition to learn more.
  • Does Inventosaur play nice with other extensions?
    Inventosaur neither edits nor overwrites core files. Also, it is incredibly well-coded and organised. And those aren’t just empty words - Inventosaur’s codebase is a work of art; you should see our beautiful database drawings!
    That being said, if you have installed some extensions that do edit core files (very bad), like with any app, there could be issues.
  • Is Inventosaur Magento only?
    For now, yes. But we have a clear roadmap and do intend to support all major platforms shortly.

Customer Service

  • I’d like to see Inventosaur in action, can I schedule a demo?
    You certainly can. Click here to see our availability.
  • I have some pre-sale questions, who do I ask?
    Please raise a ticket from our contact page, here.
  • If I have a problem or question once I have bought Inventosaur, how can I reach you?
    Just log in to your account and, from your order dashboard, raise a support ticket with us. We’ll be back to you as soon as possible!


  • Do you have an affiliate programme?
    We sure do. To get started, create an account, and visit the Affiliates sub-section. Once your application is approved, you can begin to promote Inventosaur to your customer base.
  • I’d like to offer my customers the chance to buy your app, can we work on a co-marketing idea?
    We’re all about collaboration. Drop us a line and let’s chat.