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Is your inventory on vacation?

For e-commerce businesses, slow-moving inventory is a cash flow killer, yet analysing sales data and building promotions to keep the right stock moving is a long, manual & frustrating process. But what if you could identify & promote slow sellers in seconds, rather than weeks?

Airlift in the Inventosaur

Install Inventosaur on your e-commerce platform, and you can look forward to turning stock into sales in record time. 

Inventosaur is a hard working e-commerce app that keeps on top of your product sell-through. From letting you know what could be selling better, to helping to promote slower lines, Inventosaur is the e-analyst your store has been waiting for.

An expert in your business

Inventosaur has a unique, patent-pending ability to find slow-moving items, which we call Opportunities. But because your store is unique, Inventosaur is also designed to adapt to your business.

Say you want to see a list of items that have sold less than 30% of their stock in the last 60 days, and quickly promote them to your customers. Simply enter a custom sales threshold into the app settings area and your Opportunity list will show this data and more, allowing you to quickly turn slow sellers into sales promotions on the front end of your website. 

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Products, promoted

Inventosaur makes light work of turning inventory data into simple and combination front-end promotions visible to shoppers across category, product and cart pages. Once Inventosaur has analysed your data and presented a list of problem products or categories, a speedy promotion process auto-magically launches smart front end offers, with full control over discount level, expiry date, and style.

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Styled to match your store

Inside Inventosaur’s settings area, four professionally-designed ‘pop-up’ themes sit ready for your inspection and selection. Pick the pop-up theme that best suits the design of your store, and Inventosaur will inject stylish, responsive promotions into the customer’s journey as they browse.

Extinction-proof insights

Inventosaur offers easy to understand global metrics like average order value, conversion rate, average customer re-order time and stock turn analysis, plus e-com essentials like a graphical representation of your store's best and worst sales days of the week.

On a product level, Inventosaur can look back and forward. Reviewing the last 30, 60 or 90 days is a top priority, but how about looking forward to next week or the week after, and revisiting what happened to your store at that time last year? 

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Behaviours, broken down

Inventosaur digs deep to find your store's slow movers, but along the way it will also forage for data on common e-commerce behaviours and scenarios that marketers frequently seek to understand, such as:

  • Simply slow sellers
  • Products viewed but not readily added to the shopping cart
  • Products added to bag but not often purchased
  • Formerly good sellers, gone bad
  • Category viewed but not often purchased
  • Category not often viewed or purchased

All in a day's work

In e-commerce, focus is everything. Doing what you do best is what got you this far, but making time to shine is essential for the continued growth of your business.

Inventosaur costs $20 a month on a rolling subscription basis. No upfront fees, no contract, and no hefty costs. Just one low monthly price while you continue to use the app.

If your business could do with reclaiming time, bolstering the balance sheet and selling more of what matters, consider Inventosaur - the smartest, hardest working inventory analyst and merchandising employee you'll never have to hire.